New EP Release: @Viktoryamusic "Kill Season"

Los Angeles is bringing out lots of new upcoming Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop artists, Viktorya Pop Princess is one of them. The Pop singer been through a lot in life and she made the way of pursue her dream in the music industry. July 2016, Viktorya put out her latest single "Back Up" then continued on working on her upcoming EP Kill Season, which is available now online. The album has ten new tracks with features from Daniel Curtis-Lee and Sean 2 and all tracks are produced by SeanTu Miles. I suggest everyone to purchase Kill Season on iTunes now, share it on social media and please support Viktorya, she work very hard on this project.

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Viktorya's Q & A:
1) Would you mind telling a background about yourself? Who is Viktorya? Where are you from? & 2) How did you get into the music? How long have you been singing? & 3) At a young age, did you learn how to play any instruments or something? & 4) When did you start singing and writing music? & 5) What drew you becoming a music artist?

V: I'm a crazy mixed up breed of Russians, Ukranians, and Amernian. I was born in Russia, but moved & grew up in LA since I was three years old. Being from a foreign family, i grew up different, not to mention my mother was a dancer and my father was in a band, so music runs through my veins. When we moved to America, my mom didn't know what daycare was but knew where to sign me up for dance training. I've been trained in ballet, Jazz, contemporary, gymnastics and Hip-Hop, but as I evolved into music career, I only kept up with hip-hop contemporary and ballet from time to time to stay on my P's + Q's. I fell in love with singing in 7th grade when I joined choir. I knew I wanted to do music, but I wasn't sure of what kind of artist I wanted to be. I grew up listening to a range of music, from Spice Girls, to Britney Spears, Tupac, Biggie, NWA, En Vogue, Sade, Michael Jackson, NSync, and the list goes on. So I got home schooled for two years of high school and went thru artist development. On my third year, I wanted to be a normal kid again, went back to high school, graduated a year early and was so thankful cause I knew being normal was temporary crave, it wasn't meant for me. So I've been back at it :) I linked up with SeanTu Miles & the writers, Hit Bangaz in June 2015.We recorded "It Don't Matter" so flawlessly in seven hours, and executed the sound I've been grinding and working towards to find for many years and since then, our chemistry has been on a roll. In April, I almost died :'( I was in a horrible car crash, rammed into a pole by the Hollywood Bowl, and my airbags didn't deploy. I was on bed rest for two months, didn't get back to life for like 3/4 months.....but it was a blessing in disguise. I came back more focused more determined to make my stay on this earth influenced and inspire others to live their to the fullest and chase every dream because it can be over tomorrow. I finished my EP as soon as I got back in the studio, and now it's set to release in January, and I'm so fuckin excited! My dreams are unfolding right before my eyes.

6) What made you want to name the EP Kill Season? Why that title?

V: The title Kill Season came to me as soon as I felt my world changing. I've been presented so many opportunities, but i feel there's a reason why nothing ever popped before. I'm actually really glad some things didn't work out the way I wanted them to because I've grown and I'm proud of my growth and i have so much more growing to do, but i really felt like this is it, it's time to kill shit!! It's Kill Season, no excuses! after my accident, it actually became more meaningful, because i do feel like i had to "kill" the old me. Change comes with growth, and i was so scared for all the changes happening in my life, but after my accident, i'm so ready for changes and challenges, and to just work like i never have for my dreams to become reality. 

7) How many tracks will be on the project? Any features? Who are the producers you have worked with?

V: Kill Season is actually all produced by SeanTu Miles. We cultivated my own sound & I wanted to ride that wave throughout the album, although the project doesn't sound like it's all one producer. I really didn't want too many features, as this EP is a presentation to the music world of myself. But my really good friend, Daniel Curtis Lee, aka "Driive" is one of my favorite artists so i HAD to have him jump on one of my tracks. The EP consists of 8 songs, an interlude, an outro and a bonus track i recoded right after my accident.

8) How important is this EP to you? What drew you into of creating this project?

V: This EP means a lot to me for a list of reasons. Other than it being a dream of mine since i was a little girl, it's been a long time grindin, working with producers, writers, left and right, trying to build a sound. I never wanted to sound like a carbon copy of anyone, although i'll never deny that a lot of artists influence me and you might hear that influence throughout my music. But i think I've worked so hard and i'm so proud of myself for bringing a new, refreshing twist to the music game. I wanted to create something that was me because for so many years, with other teams/producers, i've always been told what kind of artist i should be, but never had enough confidence to speak up. Now, Kill Season is me, wehter people get it or not, it's authentic, i do turn up & celebrate life everyday, i do trap all day created a business with my best friend from the ground up (DopeGirls LA), smoke like Wiz & i am comfortable in my skin as a young lady with all my visuals i put out. It's all 100% me. :)

9) Which famous music artists do you admire? Why?

V: I have so many inspirations and artists i admire, from all types of genres, it would take all day to list them and why but at the moment, my top 5 are 1. Rihanna 2. PartyNextDoor 3. Travis Scott 4. Kendrick Lamar + 5. Kanye West. All for their own personal reasons but what those 5 have in common that makes me admire them and want to work with them outside of them being uberly talented, is that they all have created their own lane of music & branding, and made sure it had longevity as oppose to just making a "1 hit wonder" type song. I've always been told "don't be a microwave artist".....i mean, would you rather have a microwave dinner or a home cooked 5 course meal ;)

10) How do you handle mistakes during a performance or before?

V: Funny you ask, on my show in November, the music gave out. The only thing i know is to keep going, just like everything in life, but since a little girl i've been trained to just keep pushing through. Nothing is ever perfect. Even when you think it is, you can never test your luck cause most of the time, life likes to challenge us. Just accept the challenge when it comes as gracefully and clear minded as you can would be my advice. It's hard, in those split seconds of the mess up, i've wanted to cry, scream and stop the show but naturally, i keep the show going and smooth out the crinkles as we go. At my last show, when the music cut off, the drummer kept drumming and i just kept singing! everyone thought it was an acoustic version, no one realized it was a fuck up. Haha!

11) If you could work with any artist in the industry, Who would it be?

V: If i can work with any artist, it would be to either do a boss-bitch, young queens takeover with Rihanna or i would love to do a turn up song with Travis Scott.

12) Any special words you want to say to your fans and supporters?

V: Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!! I still have such a long journey ahead of me and the supporters and fans i get on a daily basis is always so appreciated and it makes my heart melt. Of course i believe i'm the shit, but man, sometimes the fact that others think i'm the shit more than i do, just gives me more fuel to throw on this growing fire in me to make music i can connect with all my fans on all types of levels. I hope all my fans are loyal as i think they are, because i promise, if they grow with me, i will not disappoint. 


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