New EP Release: @GeenaDuffyMusic "Travel Fever"

Boston artist Geena Duffy is doing it big now, she's on tour with Lily Massie and others, bout to release her new upcoming mix-tape Collision in April (hopefully). And now she's getting ready to release her four mini EP Travel Fever with one feature from Molly McDevitt. Geena got a lot going on right now, she's becoming a hard worker and not only that, she got accepted into a college...Congratulations to her! She do have a upcoming show on the day before her birthday. If you haven't bought your tickets, go buy them now online and please show full support and be sure to wish Geena a happy birthday to her.

Geena Duffy's Social Media:

1) What's up G? How's the tour been going so far with you? Bet you having fun

Geena: It's been so amazing! Everyone has been super nice and the whole tour just has so much positive energy.

2) Tell me about this new EP.....what's the concept of Travel Fever? and Why that title?

Geena: My new EP Travel Fever has this feeling of nostalgia, and i thought the phrase Travel Fever was an interesting play on that concept. It's much different than anything I've ever done before... Not necessarily sound wise (although the track "No More Luv" is definitely unlike me) but concept wise. The songs are very personal and that's something I've always been afraid to put out.

3) How many tracks and who is featured on the project?

Geena: There are four tracks: "What RU Waiting 4", "Lost", "Afloat" and Reflections". The song "Lost" (my personal favorite on this project) is featuring the super dope singer-songwriter Molly McDevitt.

4) How close are you being finished with the mix-tape? 

Geena: It's about halfway done, but features take a really long time, which is why I wanted to put out Travel Fever, so people aren't waiting too long for new music. 

5) What is the listeners going to hear on the EP?

Geena: Definitely a different vibe. Mostly pop and R&B genres. No rapping on this project. But they are going to hear a very different side of me, a side that I've never had the courage to share until now. I wrote these songs on personal experiences, whether it was trying to find myself when I felt like I was lost, or trying to get over a loss of someone you cared about. I wanted to be real, and unfortunately being real means showing people the not so great sides of you. It's a really deep project and although I'm nervous I'm also really excited to released it.


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