EP Review: Soul Healer @Ead3n "The Fall" EP

Coming from her latest project Elevate 9.0, the soul healer makes a comeback of releasing her new EP The Fall. The songstress Ead3n puts out nine soulful tracks produced by AK of the Crew. These two young talented people worked and put out great music to put you in that smooth chill vibe. She's the soul healer because she heals your soul with her music so if you need your soul to be healed, Ead3n is the person who you should be listening to. 

Ead3n is definitely that new artist of R&B/Soul for 2017 and in 2018. I suggest everyone who are new listeners please go check out this singer, she's very talented and a great songwriter. If I didn't had to discover Ead3n on RnBass, I wouldn't be listening to someone as talented as her.

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Listen to The Fall EP below


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