(Exclusive Debut Mixtape) @ZellyVibes "Zelly Vibes Mixtape"

Hello world how's it going? I been paying closely attention to young female Las Vegas singers and these young talented ladies are so amazing. I think it's very important that we pay attention to new upcoming female artists who are making their way into the music industry and give them lots of support. This young female artist that I found and supporting is another female singer coming straight out of Las Vegas, her name is Zelly Vibes. Who is Zelly? Where did I discovered her? I discovered her by catching a photo of her on Instagram when she was at the Agenda Show two months ago. I followed her on Twitter, tweeted her and checked out her music and she seems pretty dope to me. We chatted few times on Twitter, told me she dropping her first mix-tape and yet she did, it was released yesterday. Title of her project is Zelly Vibes The Mixtape and basically this project is mostly about her, expressing who she is and spreading her music out there. I really would like everyone to give Zelly full support and tell friends/family about her new mix-tape and give her a listen, support her.

Zelly's Q & A's
Hey Zelly what's up? How's it going? Few more days till the release of your mixtape, excited?

Zelly: I have been waiting for this moment for so long, this project is so special to me. I'm very thankful I'm able to bring my vision to reality.

1) For those that doesn't know who Zelly is, explain who you are? 

Zelly: I'm a person who loves self expression in music form. I'm a female who fights for justice and for what she wants. I believe that I stay true to myself regardless of the opinion of others. I promote self love, and having an open mind willing to learn. Most of all I'm a regular person, a human being with goals and ambition working hard to become the best that I can be. I want to leave a legacy in this lifetime, I want to inspire.

2) At what age did you start singing and writing music?

Zelly: I always knew I had a passion for music, my family says I was always very "extra" very loud, very opinionated. I enjoyed musicals, and performing at family parties. It wasn't until I was 11 years old that I knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I wanted to sing and perform and take it serious. When I fist started, I was only singing Spanish music. When I was 15 years old is when I discovered my passion for song writing.

3) What made you wanted become a singer/songwriter? Who admired you to be an artist? 

Zelly: I can't explain what made me want to sing, write songs and perform. I feel as if it is my destiny, as if this life chose me. It's my life purpose to communicate my deepest thoughts through music. My family definitely pushed me when I was younger, I was singing everywhere I could. Going to sleep late on a school night, sometimes missing school too. As I got older I got confused on what direction I wanted to go as an artist. Els is my right hand, my coach and marketing advisor. He is very key in my team. He stepped in and made me believe if it was English or Spanish I could do it, he always knew I had it in me. My friends are also an important influence, #Dreamers #Dvmn family are all creative individuals who inspire me all the time, and are all ambitious swaggy people. 

4) What can the listeners expect to hear on this mixtape?

Zelly: They are gonna hear some trippy shit, haha. Definitely will hear me putting my hear out on the table, my deepest thoughts. My goal with the music I create is to make every person feel something. Feel music. I want ya'll to elevate with me, I want to wake your spirit. You will here me being so honest with my emotions. Real life feelings. As far as the sound, you already know you gonna be able to turn up, the beats I selected are just out of this world, sounds good for the soul. I wanted this project to be smooth, yet expressing my sexuality and beliefs as well as showing my skills as a song writer. Every track was 100% written by me. Also it was very key for this project to be relatable to men and women, that's the beauty of music when it's universal.

5) Any features? who's the producers you worked with on this project? 

Zelly: No features for some time due to me focusing only of myself. I can truly say I was very blessed to work with very talented producers, I'm going give more details about that when the time comes.

6) Any artists that inspires you to become a singer? 

Zelly: Wow my list will be endless haha. I will try to summarize it. Young Thug, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Future, Maroon5, Beyonce, Majid Jordan and much more.

7) If you had to work with any artists, who would it be? And why? 

Zelly: Definitely Jeremih because he makes every song hot, Young Thug because he is creative genius. Kanye and Jay-Z cause that would be a classic, Siya Knox and Els and myself would make something crazy for sure, Tory Lanez because I really feel his style, Fetty Wal because he has the best ad libs and is so talented. Migos, Future and myself would make some real crazy turn up. A feature with French Montana would be dope but what would it over the top would be if it was for Wave Gods 2. Lil'Yachty and Father because I know would vibe on another level with me.

8) Where do you see yourself in five years being part of the music industry?

Zelly: In five years I see myself well established in the music industry with a couple of #1 hit records. I see myself surrounded with the same team, friends and family. I see myself having my own concerts through out the nation and overseas. I see myself with a Grammy and still as ambitious and focused as always.

9) How does it feel to be releasing your first mixtape project? You nervous on what the listeners going say? 

Zelly: It feels amazing to know something that began as an idea is now reality. I fell very accomplished and very thankful for the support I have been receiving. I'm not nervous because I know I've worked really hard to bring quality music to the listeners.

10) Any thank you's or shoutouts you want to say to your fans and others?

Zelly: Yes of course! I want to thank every single person who has supported in some way, by sharing my music with your friends or attending to one of my performances. Thank you for believing in me. You are also very important part for my career. You were born to create the life you want. I want to thank everyone behind scenes all the producers that made it to being part of my mixtape, my friends and family. Also my right hand, coach and marketing advisor Els for believing in me and being part of this journey, sacrificing sleep and wants for needs. If it wasn't for how tough you are with me when it comes to business I wouldn't be as stress free. Also for all the help and the good advice and schooling on the flava.

Thank you Zachy for the interview and your support, I very much appreciate it.


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