(New Trey Day Music) @OfficialTreyDay "I Need You"

More great new music coming from the young Trey Day and yet still no release date for his new upcoming mix-tape but it is on the way,just keep being patient. After releasing his first music video "Heart Attack", Trey continues to put out new music. This new record "I Need You" features Ty Malik and Lani Dawson and Trey explains the concept of the song,this is what he said...My verse is my way of voicing the idea that living in the time we're in. We put our value in money and material things over putting our value in the things that actually matter like love, happiness, humility and appreciation. "I'm looking for a woman that's gone fuck and feed me, but not cause I'm rich, just cause she loves and needs me." We've been led to believe that having the baddest chick, that's popping on Instagram, involved with multiple people is what we want/need. And this is me saying " I'd rather be with a woman who sticks with me for who I am, I need that type of woman."
Check out Trey's new joint!


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