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HotNewHipHop Presents Jen Deleon

Hello World! My name is Zachy, it would be my honor of introducing HotNewHipHop's hottest best female Communication Manager/Senior Correspondent and her name is Jen Deleon. The young talented Jen Deleon was born and raised in Chicago, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Columbia College of completing her success for only three years. While Jen was growing up in Chicago, she started out teaching herself how to create her own website to show the people who she really is and plus Jen Deleon was never afraid of putting herself out there and she also wasn't afraid of being a positive person who has a great amazing personality. Back in July 2009, Jen made her first video blog and explained how she got the chance to be on Oprah's show and worked for the Chicago Bulls, next thing you know she got took both of opportunities and wanted to become a great spokesperson.

Okay now few months after the video, Jen became the guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" which aired in January 2010 and basically Jen was explaining demonstrating of how dangerous it is of texting and driving. The beautiful Jen Deleon got a phone call from Oprah, she really appreciated Jen for being the guest on her show and Jen told Oprah that she wants to be the next Oprah and this is what Oprah gave the best advice for Jen, here what she told her "Jen,the next me will you...just keep doing what you're doing because someone needs that voice". In May 2010, the founders of Go Where Hip-Hop (GWHH) became the sponsor of her Haiti fundraiser show and GWHH liked her presents and that's when they gave Jen Deleon an opportunity to interview with famous celebrities names like Big Sean, Keri Hilson, Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade and many more names you can mention.

Later in the year of 2010, Jen Deleon landed a spot as an internship for NBC Chicago (2010) and Chicago Bulls-Bulls TV (2010-2011 season). After achieving all the accomplishments she has done in Chicago, Jen drove all the way to Los Angeles in September 2012 to take her career to the next higher level and yet she did, the young beautiful talented journalism Jen Deleon landed a job position as an Communications Manager/Senior Correspondent for one of the biggest hottest hip-hop music website HotNewHipHop. Now as for me of being her biggest fan and supporting her to the fullest, I been catching up on Jen's interviews from Kid Ink, Kevin McCall, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Dizzy Wright, Honey Cocaine, Diggy Simmons and many more music artists who is actually one of my favorites and every time I watch her interview videos including her Webisodes on her YouTube page, her words just inspires me of who I really am and she helps me to defined the real me and I really appreciate her and her work ethic, I wish her the very best. Also I did told Jen that when I become famous in the music industry, I want to be interviewed by Jen Deleon and that will happen in the future.

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