Review: @Meaku's "Feel My World"

Introducing Meaku

Whats up everyone? I just happened to found this new uprising Nigerian-American R&B/Pop musician and his name is Chibuike Franklyn Omeaku,he is now better known as Meaku.Meaku was born and raised in Inglewood,CA and where did I find Meaku's music,you asked? Well I found Meaku's music from his new song "Promise" and I actually was really impressed with his singing,he's an amazing artist. I believe that Meaku is going to become something and he's already on his way to the top. I want everybody to pay more attention and listen to some NEW R&B music from this guy Meaku,he may be your favorite singer and wanna make you to talk about him mostly like everyday so please go check him out.

Now Meaku just dropped new R&B mix-tape "Feel My World" which is a great project for everybody to download and listen to it very carefully,this project includes his new hit singles Her Body and Promise so I would like for everyone in the world all over to go check out Meaku and his new mix-tape Feel My World and share this project to your friends,tell them about how much of a great singer Meaku is and how dope his mixtape is to you.

Download "Feel My World":

Meaku's Info


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